#1 LEARN - The United Projection Creative Team will listen to you and discuss your needs, wants and goals to best understand the story you want to tell. During this process we will learn who your audience is, through which we will be able to helpyou achieve your goal in communicating with your guests. Based on your message we will then start to create visual concepts that we believe will embody everything you need to achieve your goal!


#2 CONCEIVE - United Projection will first work on the outline script and help design a storyboard (and an audio script when requested).  Once that is complete, we will start designing the visual interpretation with our Creative Director Team.  Your visual timeline will be created during this stage and crafted to work perfectly for you. Whether you are entertaining socially,  launching a new product, promoting your services, telling your unique story or simply connecting emotionally with your audience,  this storyboard or timeline will be driving the images or animation that will immerseyour audience in the message. Still images and video can be looped or integrated into a more complex visual show by one of our very talented VJ’s.


#3 DESIGN - This is where all the magic happens. Everything is designed, coordinated and carefully assembled for maximum visual impact. This involves everything from key framing and color correction, to animation and audio (when requested).  It also means filming, producing and creating digital content from scratch for very customized outputs.  Our technical mappers, 2D motion graphic artists and 3D animators are ready to help design! 


#4 SHOWTIME - Sit back, relax and enjoy your show.